Our goal




Our team is just like the offices in Blaschette: calm, quiet and welcoming. With us, your file is not sent in a quarter of an hour. Whatever your needs, we take the time to listen to you, to understand your real estate project and to offer you the best advice and services based on our years of experience.

Georges Spanier
T. +352 336667-701
M. g.spanier@rmsimmo.lu

Georges has over thirty years of professional experience in the real estate and banking sectors. Real estate agent and sector manager in housing savings since 1998, real estate credit advisor and CSSF certified, are only a few steps in Georges' professional life. Moreover, Georges also holds an insurance license.

Oxana Gruzda
Real Estate Agent
T. +352 336667-703
M. o.gruzda@rmsimmo.lu

Oxana successfully completed her university studies.
Since 2015 she is a certified real estate agent. Over the years Oxana has obtained various degrees, including professional real estate photography and business English. She has also worked in sales and distribution. But her real passion is real estate and it is with great passion that she accompanies our clients in all the processes of buying and selling real estate.


Why take care of it if we can do it for you?

With our knowledge of both banking and real estate, we can help you with research, design and selection of the property, development of a financing plan, bank canvassing and insurance solutions. We can help you with each of these steps or take care of everything if you wish. The choice is yours. Thanks to our partnership with Conseil&Services you can use each of the services offered – financing, sales/rental and insurance – together or separately.


No hidden costs, everything is really free !

Moreover, our services are completely free of charge. You will never receive an invoice from us. You will not pay more than if you were to do it yourself. On the contrary, you are likely to pay less thanks to our various partnerships.

All in all, everyone wins: you because you are guaranteed to benefit from the most advantageous rates on the market without wasting your precious time, our partners because they don’t have to look for clients or compile files, and ourselves because we work closely together with Conseil&Services, which is remunerated on behalf of its partners for each file brought in. Nothing is hidden. Everything is transparent.

By calling on us, you also save time and avoid tedious administrative work with numerous service providers.

So why take care of your real estate project if we can do it for you?